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Hustling eco friendly roses...

With the world falling to bits and us all getting to spend more time on the couch with the one we love... I’m hoping these deepened connections will mean you are looking to make each other feel even more special on Valentine’s Day... which brings me to my sales pitch 😂

As I have got on in the years i really enjoy having flowers around the house, HOWEVER! I hate the part where they turn slimy, the water turns green or worse the flowers drink it all and you forget to feed them! All of these things lead to inevitable flower death! Slow painful flower death.. a reminder that everything is decaying! Do you see where I’m going with this? 😅 Spare the real flower pain and emotional devastation of watching them die, and order some beautiful handmade cotton ones that don’t die on you, dont need fed..they will in fact not only show your other half how eco-friendly you are (on trend!).. but will be a forever reminder of your ever growing love! win win.. 😍🥰

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