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The beginning of Shed Art

I have no idea on how to begin other than to say this is one of the most frightening things I have ever done. Previously I have sold crafts and ran a successful creative business, but never have I put my artwork out there nevermind to sell it. I studied art, and teach art, but somehow the thought of people looking at my work gives me the absolute fear!! I guess that is because each painting carries a little piece of my soul!

Anyway what led me to this moment of publishing a website with little pieces of soul on it?

My husband and my best friends... I have a small group of people I love and trust.. these amazing people have all individually played a part in me taking this step. They have counselled me through the panic, given me pricing and marketing advice and I am with their support getting through my anxiety about putting my artwork online.

Well lets see where this goes and thank you for having a look.. please check back soon as hope to update with new work continually :)

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